A pinkie promise led us to where we are

Love beneath the surface

A deep blue space

Rhythmic in its wake

A lotus stem springs forth a rose

Elegant in her nature

The essence of tomorrow’s factor

The past, never a mantra

Only a lesson

Today, a symphony

The present, our will to be

The moment, a captured bliss

Alike in our stride

A step at a time

What’s beyond our pride?

A shade of light

Sketched in the heart of the young

Sparks warp the mind

Wrinkles form the soul

Our spirit realm’s the scope

Beyond sonder and plight

We found hope

Once upon a caged bird

A gift never denied the tone

I vow to bow in your presence

Forth in line to the left

A sweet dream opened my I

Knees weak to your sound

A stream of endless thoughts

Bound by your sight

A feeling nurtured by the hand

Labelled beyond the pride

I wore it once or twice

Dealt it back with a pack

Shuffled down the slide

A kindergarten pranks

Still, we hide and seek

Keeps the flame alive

Cold shoulders play to keep

Away with ease, you are free



Picture perfect wholeness

Greatness in stride

A warm winter dreams

A crane

The peacock

A pound of stream

The scales balance

Hieroglyphs form the passage

King crowns the Queen

The prince found his feet

His sister, one with the land

Celestial In their wake

The kingdom rejoices

Higher power imbedded

Our spirits march

Ignite the being

Central, yet beyond he

His eye, fix made to neighbour

His mouth a breath forward

Her soil

The essence of our universe

Her voice

The element that brings forth

Her hair

The glory that strengthens

Her skin

The map of earth

My selecta

Through the stormy weather

I felt your warmth

Your guidance

Your courage and understanding 

I must say, I feel better

I must say, you’re my pleasure

I accept

But did I respect?

An identity so vast

Almost indescribable

I felt the cause

The aim

Your praise

The adoration, all the way

I tapped into it

Sometimes out of reach

A feeling to trust that I’ll be at ease

With passion and warmth, I study

A student, always wary

My selecta

The path you pathed

With I to say

I’m indebted to your love

You saw

You watched

You held up a mirror

And now I see

Your warmth

Your guidance

Your courage and understanding 

I must say, I feel better

I know better

Love, forever and always.

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