Love is not the past

I know that for sure

A fresh start

The pearl harbours a lot

A wounded mic

Check ins on the dance floor

I hope to meet my match

Even when the time’s gone

Unrealistic love I call It

To hide my bluff

Love in the afterlife

Whimsical, be it must

Once a song

No longer the earth’s core

I used to enjoy the view

The hills

The climactic thrill

Older, still a lie to be wiser

But I’m not willing to settle

Maybe the cheap deal

An offer to lessen the chill

Sometimes I hope I’m not writing my will

But history tells me how it feels

May not be the past

But I’d rather succumb to the pain of my pad

I hope I’m not penning my children’s death

To see their father loved and adored

Their mother deserving of warmth

Yet, cold showers reflect the love lost

And still, our inner child needs you

Needs you to listen

You don’t have to use


Or misguide

Treat him like he’s ours

He’ll throw tantrums

Act without faith

But what thought is twice about how he feels?

That’s a map you cannot conquer

To the universe, you surrender

Feel the sky

Feel its breeze

A magnetic swirl through your page

It’s a plan without fear

A chance at the end


But pay attention

To each word

Each letter

What’s in front

Not behind

You are not to blame

Nor is he

Eccentric in place

A binder

The numbers remain the same

Age makes no difference

Place is frivolous

Bold dreams

Your belief

Your will

Read, not left on seen

So, give in


Cos – up is not an option


Cos – bond lives not by vanity


Cos – Aren’t you tired of this round trip?

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