Have you ever met a woman so beautiful

You try in house to decipher

Could it be the Big Bang

Or God’s creation

Tentative you tip around

Trying not to interject

Your feelings aloud

Hers a playful smile

A pretty, simple hack

You unfold

In her arms you confer

In her heart, you find worth

Be it the pot of gold

Or the rainbow’s heavenly glow

The sun shines through

The lucky charm trials the flow

How do you feel

About the unknown

How does it feel

To build a home

Mud huts

A village set in stone

It starts with us

Branching out the sugarcane’s bow

Cupid could not

The universe a glittered stroke

Always will it land on heads

A star above Jupiter’s helm

You are a mother to be

To last, your scented beach

An ocean of trees

The reflection of what galaxies be

Far far away, I hold you close

My mind a freight, your track lays its own

Station by station we grow

Sown in our fabrics, the veil unfolds

My cuddle buddy

Lovey dovey

Lovely jubbly

Bossy tummy

Butterflies and ecstasy

Candle lit, cradled chi

The rocking chair squeaks

To the sound of your laugh

The lemonade sits

A pinch of sugar, salted caramel kiss

I lay next to you the calm storm

Controlled, an open passage

Emphasis on what’s to come

A quota on love

A titled sonnet cannot define

Not sure the last one I read

A song, only a step so far

Our fountain, youth it shares

I want to be young forever – Just with you

I want to grow old together – To see us through

I want it all, or nothing – The former, I choose

Do as you please – Behind you, the fuse

A match in hell’s kitchen

Heaven’s delicate brew

Brunch with my winter rose

A banquet of summer field

Arrange the range

Fold the haze

Light the smoke screen

Be it as it may

We – Oui

True – Fresh

Bliss – Thanks

You – Blessed

I never want this surprise to end.


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