If you do not laff

U will kry

Maybe the laffy taffy

Whichever you prefer


Do you understand the fear you create?

Muster the courage to embrace the brave?

Open your I to express its rage?

After all, you have experienced what’s at stake, right?

Who sets the pace?

My heartfelt, traced

A tap on the landmine

Tip toe, no longer but with grace

Dogs bark

Slavers track

Till the finishing line

Somewhere headed south

The border around the mic

Fenced off by the wire

Through intwined spirits

I did what tomorrow asked

A wishful moment

Blissful, still potent

My faults are my own

Their ploy, to what is owed

The sinner’s redemption

Foreshadowed intentions

Sacrilegious manoeuvres

The puppets had

The puppeteer laughs

The actor works

Directions aboard

We only produce the finest

Guns and roses

Chains and lashes

Gothic Moses

The sea is red 

Native love is a speeding bullet

A serene bloodshed

Heartache in its wake

Estranged by its cape

You either die their hero

Or live long to see the villain

Simple and childish it seems

Pulled back by its string

Vilifying in hopes to escape with

Demonising in ways that only deceive

Is there a shoulder to lean on when one’s at bay?

Not a puppet but an honest path to play

A family affair be one’s dream

To surpass the image

Close to mind the dreaded past

A mere cohesion or fearfully in line?

My side of the story starts and ends on a page

Written by my speech

In front of an audience

To inspire and entertain

Not for trial


Regret and tribulations

Or at the mercy of another man’s hand

But with ease

In peace

Knowing that I’ve lived

Glad in the choices I’ve made

And not to second guess my trail


I know I’m not the holiest

But will you

With mercy

Show me a sign that it’s worth the wait

I have not a point to make

My mistakes I embrace

I just want to escape

A promise I thought I was made

How long left of the journey

To finally put my print on what’s fine?

I remain a man of my word

To see my dreams fulfilled

To nurture my innocence

Before it’s all too late

Unless it’s to be retained

In my right


And whatever else I decide to sign

Dotted line

A solar eclipse

One with the system

Not on land

Nor with the fishes

Embrace the fuckery

The face itches

To scratch the surface

You’ve made him

The professional needs no maker

A built brick needs no layer

Cement dries the corner

Stones skip before the architect

A daydream with the wind

Fishing rods stand on its feet

A picnic basket of roses

Lay the blanket and dare to dream

Movies speak like never before

Music swayed the playground chore

Books reflect a section, evident on shore

It’s like I’ve been here before

Yet, no recollection

A pleasant surprise I must say

A breath of fresh air I exhale

The weight no longer a scale

Balanced an inch to the left

Balanced an inch to the right

One false step and all hell breaks loose

Horns like a moose

Pink feathered goose

Duck beneath the bridge

The origami’s fuse

Scented glue

Wretched fume

A kindled ploy

I think I’ve been here before

Sometimes I think we’ve been here before

A dislodged memory split in two

Or more

Many forms, a compass

I wonder which one, or together, leads

Sometimes maybe good

Sometimes maybe shit

A perplexed mantra

Still, fills the heart to the brim

And here’s your pamphlet

No false pretence

Read me my rights

I’ll gladly listen

No dotted line marks my territory

Rotten at the core, his sanitary

Trick Baby’s galore

A lifetime of southern gore

Cheek to cheek, a family’s welcome

Ear to ear, a family loom

Tragic, I must say

With all due respect, ear to ear I run

On the field is my greener tavern

Never house bound, I keep em stuffed

Sunken be not my dream

A flash will appear to field.


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